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HTC specializes in providing Cleveland and the surrounding cities with network cabling services, video surveillance, WLAN Wireless solutions (WiFi),  Security  and Audio/Video Solutions. Cabling is the most important aspect to your business as it is the highway for all of your information. Our telecommunications experts can quickly assess your needs and design a system custom fit to your exact needs. Contact Us to discuss your needs. Network wiring, Network cabling, Structured Network Cabling, Computer cabling, Cable Installation, Cable Installers, Cabling contractors, Cabling company, Business wiring, Office wiring, Data wiring, Ethernet cabling, Telecom wiring, Wiring company, Arkon, Canton, Cleveland, Ohio, Structured Cabling Network, WiFi, Cat5e, Cat6, Data, Phone, Install, AP, Cameras

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Quoting Process

1. Gather Detailed Information - This is sometimes the most time consuming part but will make your project flawless.

Planning and project management are key to a successful information transport systems (ITS) cabling installation project. 

Taking the time to develop a well-defined plan before a project starts will help deliver a proper installation on time, within budget, and ensure that the job can be performed and meets all customer requirements. Larger and more complex projects require more time to plan. It is difficult to manage loosely defined objectives and the efforts of a large project team over an extended period of time.

2. Conduct a Site Survey - Our cabling installation team lead will visit the installation site and establish a face-to-face greeting. 

The purpose of the survey is to ensure local and national codes are met, ensure all telecommunication standards are met, compare design documents to existing conditions, identify potential conflicts or concerns, define any additional support required, identify situations that will require special equipment or skills, determine the amount of support material required to complete the project, determine the work-hour requirements, including the number and skill level of the cabling installation crew needed, locate storage and staging area space.

3. Project Plan, Scope of Work and Quote - We will put together a comprehensive package including these items for approval.

A strong project plan is essential for the successful completion of any project. This plan should reflect each aspect of the work being completed, project lead time, intermediary goals and any other items that will affect the work being performed in a timely, safe, and efficient manner. 

A scope of work and proposal package is a must have before committing to any contractor. These two items are seen as the contractor "repeating" back to you what you are asking of their company. The scope of work is a written document that outlines, in specific detail, the work being completed, the responsibilities of the contractor, time constants, testing, certifications or any other deliverables, site access hours and equipment manufacturing requirements. 

The estimate is another very important  document, not just as a pricing tool, but more importantly it will be the binding contract between you and your contractor. Each item on the scope of work document should be clearly line itemed on the estimate. Labor, materials, specific project deliverables, agreed upon pricing, and any work being subcontracted to a third party needs to also be disclosed. 
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